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"You exceeded all expectations as a survival instructor. Your extensive knowledge and steadfast ability to perform your duties has truly been an asset to the training center, and earned the respect of the Marines."

-Commanding Officer, U.S. Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, 2013


About Us

Survival Training School of California has provided training to several branches of the US Military, Stanford University, the California Department of Justice, Craftsman Tools, and many other elite individuals and organizations. Now, with locations near Chico and Big Sur/Carmel, we are within reach of nearly every Northern California metropolitan area.

Urban Survival Courses

STSC knows that life can be unpredictable.  At any moment our comfortable, air-conditioned lives can be turned upside down by earthquakes, active shooters, storms, or fires.  We are FEMA-trained and certified instructors available for group, private, or corporate workshops, seminars, and courses to prepare you for a multitude of urban survival scenarios.  Our business is your survival.

Wilderness Skill and Field Courses

STSC is an international leader in wilderness survival, wilderness medical, and primitive skills training.  We are home to America's only year round field course.  We offer custom and private courses for individuals and corporations alike. We've worked with all ages, capabilities, and body types.  We are the experts at making you the expert.

Instructor Certification Courses

The best way to learn is to teach and at Survival Training School of California, we have a top-notch series of instructor certification courses for you.  Not only do you get unlimited access to all of our courses during your training, you also get hands-on practice and experience planning, preparing, and teaching those courses. You don't get a certificate of completion, you earn a certificate of mastery.