South Carolina

At Trail Blazer Survival School we don't just say we have the knowledge and skills to survive in the wilderness.  We put it to the test.  Our instructor proves their skills by going to a different location every year and surviving off the land for at least seven days. This assures our students that we are not just talking the talk -- but walking the walk by actually practicing the skills needed to survive in the wilderness.


Going into the bush and trying to survive in the wilderness for a week without training can be deadly. However, with proper training and supervision we can greatly increase your chances of surviving in a variety of different circumstances and settings.  Our Essential, Applied, and Advanced Wilderness Survival Courses, along with our Plant Identification, Tracking and Trapping courses can give you the expertise you need.  Once you have graduated from these courses you will be eligible to take our 7 or 9 day Scout Course to put your skills to the test. 


Whether you want to take a one, a few, or all our courses to get you ready to bug out when the stuff hits the fan, go ahead check out our Upcoming Events Page or just book a Trail Blazer Survival Course Today!


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